Two Africans on life and Baobabs in Africa

Watch this: Koffi Bepe, a young Gabonese engineering student wanted to know more about the commercial value of African Baobabs. Through the African Baobab Alliance website he ended up interviewing one of their founding members; South African baobab specialist Dr Sarah Venter, for his quirky, down to earth podcast, ‘Last Week Review”.

What follows is an interesting slice-of-life-discussion between two Africans on opposite sides of the continent, an informative glimpse on Dr Venter’s pioneering journey towards conservation of Baobabs, the sustainable, commercial harvesting of its fruit and the resulting job-opportunities for rural women in Limpopo province.

Click here to watch it.

Try spot this quote from another botanist: ‘Botany is not rocket science … it is far more complex than that!’

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