2016 Aug: The Little BIG BAOBAB Book

We’re thrilled to announce the publication of EcoProducts Foundation first book The Little BIG BAOBAB Book!

The Little BIG BAOBAB Book COVER with Sarah pic


It’s been a long time dream for Sarah Venter to write this book.  Having acquired her PhD in Baobab Ecology, she says ‘The research which appears in scientific papers and theses is not available to most people – especially to the VhaVenda people whose lives are so closely linked to the baobab trees of South Africa. The TshiVenda edition of this book will be distributed to their communities and schools. It’s my hope that everyone will learn what a valuable tree the baobab is and be motivated to become a custodian of this magnificent species.’

This little booklet packs a huge amount of information that’s both factual and fascinating and discusses everything from what baobabs are, baobab folklore to their uses and even how to grow your own baobab!

With beautiful photos, the Little BIG BAOBAB book will be enjoyed by young and old especially those who love to delve into the parts of the natural world that are little known to most people!

To get your own copy of the booklet, contact Sarah Venter on info@ecoproducts.co.za. The book is retailing at R50.00 per copy plus postage.

Here are some excerpts to give you a taste:

The Sagole Tree

How big and old

Little big baobab book

little big boabab book

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Cleventino Asamoah Gyau
Cleventino Asamoah Gyau
1 year ago

I want the copy of the booklet

Sarah Venter
Reply to  Cleventino Asamoah Gyau
1 year ago

Hi Cleventino,
The booklet is available as a free download from our Baobab Foundation Website. Here is the link:https://www.baobabfoundation.co.za/baobab-trees/

If you have any further questions please feel free to email me directly.

Kind regards,

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