Baobab Foundation

Creating a Culture of Caring

For thousands of years, baobabs have made an important contribution to people’s livelihoods for food, fibre and medicine in Africa.  More recently, the global trade in baobab powder and oil has become an important source of income for many rural families.

EcoProducts works with rural people, producing baobab powder and oil which is then sold to the manufacturing and retail sectors.  This provides the local Venda communities with employment and much needed income. However, I feel there is still so much more that can be done to promote not only environmental awareness, but also social upliftment.

I decided to create a non-profit organisation, the Baobab Foundation so that we could make a stronger connection between global markets and the source of baobab fruit. This allows for benefits to flow directly to the care for these ancient trees and to the lives of the women and children who live around them.

Please visit our Baobab Foundation website to find out more about how you can join us in making an important contribution to the conservation of baobab trees and the communities who live among them.

I’ve called it Creating a Culture of Caring because I believe caring for ourselves, others and our environment is so urgently needed in our world right now. Caring needs to become not just something we do every now and then, but what we do on a continual basis so that to care becomes naturally embedded in our culture.

Contact me at if you’d like to contribute or find out more.

Thank you.

Dr Sarah Venter