Our vision is to make a meaningful contribution to the livelihoods of rural people and to the conservation of baobab trees.

Background to the company

EcoProducts is a company based in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Since 2006, EcoProducts has led the way in the development and supply of baobab oil and baobab powder to the manufacture and retail sectors. The company has developed expertise in wild harvesting protocols, rural community supply chains, track and trace systems and baobab fruit processing technology. EcoProducts is one of the first companies in the bio-trade sector in South Africa to gain organic status and to comply with national bio-prospecting legislation.


EcoProducts ensures consistent quality that conforms to international food grade standards. EcoProducts production facility is FSSC 22 000 certified. Baobab powder undergoes various checks at critical control points. Moisture content and colour are monitored during processing and microbiology, pesticides and heavy metals tests are done for each batch using accredited laboratories. All processing, extraction and packing takes place at the EcoProducts facility. Safety Data Sheets, Specification Sheets and COA’s are available for each batch.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in making a positive impact on society and the environment. Raw material is sourced ethically, fairly and sustainably. Workers are treated with dignity. EcoProducts complies with all relevant environmental and labour laws in South Africa. EcoProducts supports the Baobab Foundation program in planting baobab trees and community projects.


The sustainable fruit harvest of baobab is a priority for EcoProducts. Fallen fruit are collected from under trees and thus there is no damage to parent trees. EcoProducts has partnered with the Baobab Foundation to research & monitor information about the state of baobab populations in the harvesting area. Our financial support assists the Baobab Foundation’s nursery project which grows and actively plants baobab trees to boost the natural population and sustainability. EcoProducts regards environmental education and training as fundamental to a sustainable future and in this way plays an important role in the conservation of baobab trees.

Socio-economic Support

EcoProducts sources baobab fruit directly from communities who live in the poorest and most underdeveloped parts of southern Africa and Venda. In this way EcoProducts maximizes its community benefits. Households are often headed by women, who have to support large extended families. In these areas there are very few job opportunities. Communities rely mostly on subsistence agriculture and social grants for their survival. Working directly with these communities, EcoProducts brings much needed economic benefits.