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Sunset Baobab trees

Sunset Baobab trees

In the last of our series featuring photographer Vanessa Bristow’s wonderful work, we leave you with these simply stunning photos of baobab trees at sunset.  It’s not difficult to see where EcoProducts got its inspiration from for its striking logo! 🙂

Baobabs in the landscape

Baobabs usually stand out in the landscape. But they can also blend… Photographer Vanessa Bristow captures this beautifully here.

Birds in baobab trees

birds in baobab trees

Photographer Vanessa Bristow has wonderfully captured these different birds perched in baobab trees in Zimbabwe.  Featured here are a Marabou Stork, an owl and a pair of Bennett’s woodpeckers busily pecking away (the female below the male). As Vanessa says of her photographs: ‘They are in humble tribute to a mighty tree! Baobab’s provide shade in summer, beautiful landscapes in winter, not to mention great picnic spots, comfortable seats, steady perches, homes for owls, insects and birds, places for giraffe to hang out in … a wonderful, arboreal celebration!’ 

The Art of Baobab

Baobab tree Thomas Baines

Do you recognise this painting?  Find out how the Baobab has inspired other crafters, artists and photographers. Visit our Baobab Inspiration Pinterest page here: http://www.pinterest.com/ecoproductsza/baobab-inspiration-art-craft-photography/


Baobab pods in Germany!

Polished and decorated baobab pods found in Germany! Seen at a stand selling exotic seeds, dried flowers and pods from around the world at the Kornelimunster Historische Jahrmarkt in Aachen. What a surprise!

Most expensive baobab (painting) in SA

J Pierneef  was a South African landscape artist, generally considered to be one of the best of the old South African masters. According to this websitePierneef’s painting, The Baobab Tree  (painted around1934)  holds the record for most expensive South African painting sold at Bonhams in 2008 for R 11.8 million!  Apparently the buyer, says a Mail & Guardian archive article from 2008,  was an unidentified South African individual.   A powerful painting with an almost unearthly luminous glow about it.

Pretty pods!

Not just a highly nutrititious food, with some imagination, skill and flair look at these amazingly creative decor ideas with Baobab pods!  find them here, here and here.

TAMBANI: African Embroidery

Last week, you met Sani Madau one of the Venda women who does embroidery to supplement her income.  Now I want to introduce you to the lady who makes it possible – Ina Le Roux.  She has created a wonderful business supporting rural Venda women who embroider such beautiful work. Read her absolutely heartwarming story of how she began the project which now produces beautifully  embroidered images from Venda folk stories.  Click here. And aren’t these just gorgeous embroidered Baobab trees! You can order applique blocks directly from the website.

embroidered baobab trees together


Fine Art Baobab Inspirations

Heike Pander, a German artist who paints baobabs,  visited me over the weekend.  She is passionate about baobabs and will be exhibiting some of her baobab art along with her other paintings later on in the year in Germany. She says “my enthusiasm for the marvelous and enthralling nature of Africa has grown steadily. I am not only a fan of the animal kingdom – I am also fascinated by trees and plants, particularly the great Baobabs and olive trees attract me.”  For more information about Heike's work, please see http://buff.ly/16SgeOv Let us know what you think of her paintings?

The Baobab Tree: worth it’s weight in gold

How could we not like this beautiful gold hand crafted pendant of a baobab tree?  We also really like the concept of Precious Earth Jewelers who only use recycled previous metals to reduce the impact of mining on the earth's surface. Their  eco-conscious jewelry feature's Precous Earth's trade mark is a single "little green gemstone" of imperial chrome diopside, a conflict-free and environmentally friendly stone.  see more at http://buff.ly/15EPqEh

Music and the Baobab

baobab orchestra

The Baobab tree inspires so much in the world! So why would you be surprised that there's a legendary Senegalese band out there called Orchestra Baobab? Orchestra Baobab was formed in Dakar in 1970 when a group of Senegalese decided to create an intimate club where they could meet with their friends. They fashioned its walls and ceilings to resemble the ubiquitous Baobab tree, known among other things for its longevity and the shade of its branches. They called it the Baobab Club. And from this came the Orchestra Baobab. Known for their cooking afro-latino-soul sound, listen to them here: http://buff.ly/11Bf0F0


Photographic artist Elaine Ling http://buff.ly/14RLYG2 says of her pictures of Baobab trees in Africa: "These miraculous giants are one of the largest living things on the planet and have a potential lifespan of more than a thousand years. They are great friends to their human neighbours—providing an ever-renewing source of textiles, netting, baskets and roofing. Their nutritious fruit has many medicinal properties.

My photographs are reflections on the ancient, life-sustaining dialogue between these enduring mega-trees and the people—grandmothers and fathers, parents, youths and small children—who live among them. These portraits, pairing individual Baobabs with their human neighbours, document a most intimate relationship" We love the tree-gestures she captures in her pictures and we couldn't agree more…

Building a baobab tree

Siemens commissioned renowned South African artist, Daniel Popper to design and build the massive sculpture that was inspired by the African Baobab tree as part of the COP 17 event in 2011 which took place in Durban.

The tree stood at almost 15 meters high and was made from reclaimed wood. OSRAM was proud to light up the tree with 3,000 high-efficiency Osram LED lights that were powered by solar panels. Some of the lights could even be powered by the bicycles positioned around the tree. By sitting on one of the 17 stationary bicycles, people could help provide the energy to power the tree and the faster one pedaled, the brighter the Siemens Baobab tree shone.

The Baobab tree is an appropriate part of the official logo of the COP17 United Nations Climate Change Conference, as over the centuries its age and majestic size has made it a traditional gathering place – a place where people come together to meet and solve problems.

The tree 'site' became the unofficial broadcast point for many local/international media and news outlets with reporters using it as a backdrop for their reports and a total of 30,170 people visited the tree.

Bowen Boshier


BOWEN BOSHIER is a wilderness pencil artist and has been exhibiting since 1990. His work is in a number of private and bank collections. His originals are sold through the Everard Read Gallery, and limited edition reproductions are in selected galleries across Southern Africa.

He says: "I find that pencil is well suited to capturing contrasts and textures. It holds the expectant silence that our African wilderness contains.

I spend time on location, sometimes months in one place; walking and watching, sketching and sculpting. I am fascinated by detail so each drawing takes a long time to complete. Creatures get used to my presence and carry on their life around me. I watch birds build their nests, hear them court, witness the first flight of the fledglings."

 find out more here http://buff.ly/14pJnlo